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Luohe: the preparatory mobilization meeting of the sixteenth China (Luohe) Food Expo

AUTHOR:NOx Convention and Exhibition Office PUBLISHED:2018-03-18 CLICK:正在读取
In March 8th, Luohe held the sixteenth session of Chinese (Luohe) Food Expo (hereinafter referred to as CIFPF) and twelfth China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the fair) preparatory mobilization meeting. Vice mayor Yu Wei attended the meeting and spoke.
Yu Wei pointed out that the significance of all counties and departments should have a profound understanding of the two activities, according to the municipal government to deploy decision-making, grasp, grasping thin, and realistically work practical results.

Yu Wei asked for a solid promotion of the preparatory work of the fair, to ensure the level of the meeting, to strengthen the platform for investment, to keep the bottom line of safety, and to make the supervision service in place. To earnestly carry out the delegation to participate in the CIFIT work, focus on high level customers invited to work, do a solid job of project docking signing, high standard design exhibition, carefully organized and participated in various activities, make full use of the food fair, fair platform, show a good image of our city outside.


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