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2016 the 22nd LanQia can start preparations

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-03-08 CLICK:正在读取
Reporter from the provincial government held this morning of the 22nd LanQia learns preparatory work picturephone meeting, the LanQia meeting will be held on July 8, 2016 to 11 held in lanzhou, the main hall is located in the international convention and exhibition center in gansu province, at the same time in taobao offline experiences in gansu pavilion pavilion set gansu local characteristics.
According to the provincial department of commerce concerns chief introduction, this LanQia will focus around the country all the way "area" and to the west development strategy implementation, in order to "open, development, cooperation and development" for the purpose, to "all the way to build area, promote mutually beneficial and win-win" as the theme, efforts will LanQia into promoting the importance of "area" all the way along the state economic and trade exchanges platform, an important window to open to the west of our country, the Midwest, as the important carrier of regional cooperation, strategic emerging industry development important bridge and promote the international cooperation capacity.
The LanQia can overall activity consists of two major parts, BBS to discuss and show exhibition. Will be held, LanQia cooperation development of high-end BBS will the opening ceremony and the silk road, the silk road economic belt, a think-tank, BBS, BBS of the china-asean economic and technical cooperation, 2016 silk road economic belt international cooperation capacity BBS and national-level enterprise docking symposium, western multinational company investment projects, section 2016 in western China a guest, and other body activities. Hold "area along the" gansu gold section of the promotional activities of the enterprise project, the Taiwanese (upward - to build "area" investigation activities, China guangcai qingyang line and corporation (upstream activities, the silk road of TCM nursing peak BBS, 500 strong enterprises and listed companies the BBS, (3) business talkfest, "area" all the way back to his hometown investment strategy and the cross-strait economic integration development project activities such as BBS.
  本届兰洽会设综合馆、专业馆和甘肃地方特色馆等三个展馆。综合馆分丝绸之路国际合作展区、兄弟省区市投资合作展区和甘肃综合展区;专业馆分设装备制造、新材料及机电产品展区,特色农业及中医药、葡萄酒产业展区,清真食品及穆斯林用品展区,进口商品展区,创业创新展区等5个专业展区;甘肃地方特色馆设在淘宝网甘肃线下体验馆进行线下展销和网上营销。(记者严存义 实习生赵芳琳)
The LanQia will set a comprehensive gymnasium, professional library and the local characteristics in gansu and other three pavilions. Comprehensive hall points of the silk road international cooperation galleries, brother provinces investment cooperation galleries and comprehensive exhibition area in gansu province; Professional pavilion set up equipment manufacturing, new materials and mechanical and electronic products exhibition, characteristic agriculture and traditional Chinese medicine, wine industry exhibition, halal food and Muslim supplies exhibition, import goods exhibition, entrepreneurial innovation exhibition and so on five professional exhibition; Local characteristics in gansu pavilion is located in the taobao offline experiences in gansu pavilion for offline sales and online marketing. (reporter YanCunYi Intern Zhao Fanglin)


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