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2015 51st annual national arts and crafts fair "at nanjing

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-03-08 CLICK:正在读取
Xinhuanet nanjing on March 7 (guo-chao liu) today, we learned from relevant departments that China association of arts and crafts, arts and crafts (group) company of China hosted the 51st annual national arts and crafts fair "on March 10 to 14, 2016, held in nanjing international exhibition center.

"National arts and crafts fair" (formerly known as national tourist souvenirs, arts and crafts fair) since the beginning of the first 1974, has held 50 in 29 cities across China. "Fair" attracts tens of thousands of customers visit the exhibition of new products and place an order, the order amount has reached one hundred million yuan, in the arts and crafts industry has formed a broad effects. After years of cultivating and building fair has truly become the brand of arts and crafts industry exhibition.

As a big province of national arts and crafts and one of the important origin of arts and crafts, arts and crafts in jiangsu province has a long history, the category is numerous, superb techniques, famous heroines. Nanjing is the capital city of jiangsu province, has the profound historical culture, prominent location advantages, strong industrial base, excellent social economic and cultural environment. Brocade, paper-cut, illuminating, archaize.chinese, gold foil forging, velvet flower production, and many other famous nanjing folk process, is listed as city-level intangible cultural heritage. Brand exposition will be held in nanjing in the arts and crafts industry, will be able to further promote the cultural industry prosperity, and promote the balanced development of arts and crafts industry.

According to introducing, this "fair" exhibition area of 45000 square meters, more than 2100 international standard booths. Exhibitors involved in arts and crafts category 11 categories, thousands of varieties, tens of thousands of products. There will be from 29 provinces, cities and regions of the country's more than 1000 enterprises attending the. Pomp. The whole show specific distribution is as follows: A, B, C on the second floor of the exhibition hall and A layer of D, the F exhibition hall for the simulation of plant flowers and kits "exhibition, A total of more than 1600 booths; A layer of E hall are galleries handicrafts, souvenirs, a total of more than 500 booths.

During the period of "fair", has been held for 14 consecutive years "" 2016" golden phoenix "innovative product design grand prix", as the arts and crafts industry influential events will also debut at the same time.


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