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The 9th APEC technology exhibition 2016 will set day AnYun valley at the venue

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-03-08 CLICK:正在读取
  本报讯 (深圳侨报记者 石小利 通讯员 刘霖玲) “高大上的APEC中小企业技术交流暨展览会(以下简称“技展会”)要来坂田天安云谷了。”3月3日,记者获悉,第九届APEC技展会将于今年7月14日至16日在深圳举办。值得一提的是,此次APEC技展会在空间布局上创新,选定龙岗坂田天安云谷、腾讯、华强文化、深圳湾创业大街和硬蛋科技等五家单位作为分会展场,展现深圳作为创新型城市的最新科技。位于坂田街道的天安云谷,成为龙岗区唯一获选单位。
Report from our correspondent (shenzhen qiaobao reporter Shi Xiaoli correspondent Liu Linling) "tall on the APEC sme technological exchange and exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the" technology exhibition ") to sakata AnYun valley." On March 3, the reporter learned that, the 9th APEC technology exhibition will be 16 in July 14 solstice held in shenzhen. It is worth mentioning that the APEC technology innovation in the space layout, the exhibition selected longgang sakata day AnYun valley, tencent, huaqiang culture, shenzhen bay business street and hard egg as a branch of science and technology and other five units show, show as the latest technology of innovative city of shenzhen. Day AnYun valley is located in bantian street, become the only longgang district selected units.

It is reported, the APEC technology exhibition will be "innovation to promote development, to create the future" as the theme, plans to set up 1350 standard booths, for inviting businesses and exhibitors to determine in intelligent manufacturing, a new generation of information technology products and services, innovative design and productive service industry, green industry and energy conservation, environmental protection, specialization, "new" products such as the five key areas. The technology exhibition will be combined with the characteristics of the shenzhen science and technology innovation, highlight the theme of innovation and cooperation.

In addition, the 9th APEC technology exhibition will showcase the APEC member economies of small and medium-sized enterprises of new discoveries, new technologies, new products, new materials and public technology service platform construction, explore hot, small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation development idea, crack development problem, promote exchanges and cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the asia-pacific region.

Sakata street by the head of the branch office, said last year, the area where the tranship snow hillock city science and technology identified as intelligent production demonstration base of guangdong province, the area of the huawei, new world, kang crown, navigation and other well-known enterprises, the annual output value over one hundred million yuan enterprise 50 home, 40 national high and new technology enterprise, the listed company six, city of science and technology of intelligent manufacturing industry as the tranship snow, one of the dominant industries. In addition, the area of the overall smooth operation economic growth, fiscal and financial situation is good, the science and technology innovation power continuous enhancement.


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