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2016 sugar &wine trade fair in late April bloom again zibo in shandong province

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-03-08 CLICK:正在读取
  中新网山东淄博3月3日电(签约作者 伏晓)3月3日记者在采访时了解到,山东省春季糖酒商品交易会将于4月23日在淄博举办。
Beijing, shandong zibo March 3 (xinhua writer FuXiao) reporter in an interview on March 3, learned that shandong province spring sugar &wine trade fair will be held on April 23 in zibo.

It is understood that in the spring of 2016 (75th) sugar &wine trade fair in shandong province by the enterprise in shandong province food business association, is the people's government, zibo to undertake international conference and exhibition center, the well group. Fair exhibition is scheduled for April 22 morning, afternoon preview, 23, 24, for formal time, 25 move-in. The main venue will remain in zibo international conference and exhibition center, do not set at the venue. The fair planning exhibition area of 60000 square meters, of which the indoor area of 3 square meters, the outdoor area of more than 30000 square meters, set space-unit nearly more than 150, more than 800 standard booths, and the table and stool booth 700 sets, the filling several booths, the overall size of flat with the previous meeting. Meeting the exhibition scope includes alcohol, food, beverage, dairy products, condiments, filling and packing, cosmetic and other industries, in addition to the most relevant manufacturers in our province, is expected to more than 20 other provinces and cities in the country business enterprise in our province will also attend.

The annual trade fair will be closely around "exhibition, exchange, cooperation and win-win", the theme of the increasing supporting activities, enrich the meeting content. During the trade fair will be held in the second batch of "national wine model shop" shandong enterprises opening ceremony, the nation - adjustment under the shandong liquor governors association of economic subject BBS, the first painting and calligraphy exhibition, best booth selection and a series of supporting activities, qilu evening news, huaxia wine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, also weekly, the public network inside and outside the industry such as the news media, will actively attending enterprises with various forms of interactive interview, sugar tobacco magazine will continue to launch catalogue during the meeting, Chinese wine news will also contribute your meeting issue, qilu evening news reported after the meeting will be a summary of the meeting, zibo, local media will be in meeting for a variety of forms, a comprehensive range of 3 d report. And I will continue to hold large 23 on the opening day welcome luncheon, build more communication platform for the general industrial and commercial enterprises. (after)


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