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2016 the 15th China plum blossom wax plum in YanLing opening of the exhibition

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-01-19 CLICK:正在读取
Beyond the newspaper news (reporter guang-jun song) on January 16, by the China flower association, the plum flower wax plum branch, the authors of the people's government, henan association host, yanling people government, the authors take the association to undertake the 15th China plum blossom wax plum exhibition opened in YanLing country garden expo park. Shanghai, hefei, wuxi, wuhan, chengdu and other places more than 50 units and the plum blossom, wax plum high-quality goods to outshine each other here.

It is understood that China plum blossom wax plum exhibition is the plum blossom, wax plum field class and specifications of the highest professional oft event, by the China flower association, the plum flower wax plum branch (hereinafter referred to as "the second branch of mei"), held once every two years, has successfully hosted the 14th. At the 15th China in YanLing plum flower wax plum exhibition, is the first time since the oft events held throughout the selection of the location in the city.

YanLing wax plum cultivation began in the tang, xing in the song, Ming. Wax plum wax from the thick, fragrant, designs, long flowering, cold resistant ability is strong, is listed as the wax plum variety resources of top grade, enjoys a high reputation "YanLing wax plum champions league in the world". In recent years, successively in the yanling take various measures to promote the development of industry of wax plum, formulate the wax plum industrial revitalization planning, wax plum the development plan of cut, etc. At present, yanling flowers and trees grow to 600000 mu, of which the wax plum planting area of 17000 mu, was awarded the "China HuaMuZhi township", "township of Chinese wax plum culture".

According to introducing, exhibition for January 16 solstice February 28, eight main kinds of 13 theme activities. During the exhibition will also introduce "media for mei" valentine's day romantic swim, reward may swim through the snow, plain reward may swim, etc. Series of special tourism activities.


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