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2016 the second upcoming central China food and beverage condiment exposition

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-01-19 CLICK:正在读取
Is: the second food drinks seasonings expo central China on January 20 to 24, held at wuhan international convention &exhibition center hot!

The exhibition date for January 20 solstice January 24, gathered the country's 500 companies have rich characteristics of products, in the years to wuhan citizens bring great benefits large commodity exhibition, wuhan citizens to experience the country brand food and drinks. All kinds of brand food, import food, local products, agricultural and sideline food, drinks, condiments, health food, gifts, food special purchases totaling tens of thousands of kinds of merchandise, to bring you the super rich taste.

The goodies for central China food drinks seasonings expo will also launch a large special group-buying activities, Haitian, Jin Luo, ning and vinegar, hin, showily, zte honghu sea, Ma Dajie, huangshan cloud music, auspicious lent, lulu, hutch, hubei xian guo mountain vegetables all brands in China, let common people benefit!

In order to bring better arranged shopping experience, at the same time also will hold the "national fur cashmere brand apparel trade fair", brand fur, Inner Mongolia cashmere, fashionable men and women clothing, shoes and hats, bags, middle-aged and old clothing, bedding, and so on to let you have a fashion in the New Year.

In order to guarantee the interests of consumers, organizing committee also specially set up after-sales service in your showroom, what they sell if quality problems baotuibaohuan, let you be in the exhibition shopping without worries.

Tao necessities, affordable, fast to wu special exhibition goodies for food and drinks seasonings expo central China, must let your infinite surprise!


Note: the above information is released by the promise of the promise of the exhibition, if there is any doubt or copyright issues, please contact us in time!


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