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Wuhan reassured wine exhibition (2016) concluded

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2016-01-19 CLICK:正在读取
  长江商报消息 本报讯(记者 熊辉 通讯员 吴远志 )“这么便宜放心的酒,我要多买几箱放在家里过年好招待客人。”昨日,武汉国际会展中心(汉口中山公园对面)为期四天的2016第四届湖北武汉放心酒展览交易即将撤展,但大厅内购买酒水的市民仍显得熙熙攘攘。据组委会统计,4天共12.7万市民进场打“实惠放心酒”年货,成交额达1.37亿元。
The Yangtze river business news report from our correspondent (reporter Xiong Hui correspondent Yuan-zhi wu) "so cheap trust of wine, I want to buy a few more cases of good to entertain guests at home for the holiday." Yesterday, wuhan international convention &exhibition center (hankou zhongshan park) across the four-day 2016 fourth session of hubei wuhan trust wine trade exhibition will move-in, but hall buy drinks citizens still seem bustling. , according to the organizing committee of the 127000 citizens in 4 days "materialist wine" necessities and turnover of 137 million yuan.

Hankou wu in front of the exhibition, people with all kinds of trolley, motorcycles, trucks, cars and so on had a, mostly before the last day to sweep the goods. In a sichuan brand wine booth, union medical college hospital professor wang is counting the number of wine, a total of 20 cases of wuliangye. A case of "408 yuan, reduced only 68 yuan a bottle, the key is really nice wine, it's a good deal." Professor wang smile.

More than 80% of the reporter discovery, such as wine, parity, wine has become the mainstream of merchants to promote and market consumption, all exhibitors to bring more is 300 yuan (500 ml/bottle) attracted many citizens.

Staff of the organizing committee, the statistic from the sales, the "big business, big brand, big booth" best-selling, maotai, wuliangye, strength, luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) the most popular brands such as booths, and 80 yuan - 200 yuan of mid-range drinks is most popular, and the price is in 500 yuan of above beverage consumption demand.


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