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Xinjiang: 2016 to build a new version of the fifth China - expo

AUTHOR:Nordson Exhibition PUBLISHED:2015-12-29 CLICK:正在读取
Economic news reporter TongXiangDong in xinjiang

Will be held in September next year - the fifth China expo coincides with the start of the implementation, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning is in the national three ministries jointly issued" to promote to build the silk road economic belt and the vision and action of the maritime silk road in the 21st century, "the clear" economic belt core "the silk road in xinjiang after the strategic positioning of the first, and expo" every five years, is bound to cause social attention from all walks of life.

In fact, 2015 of Asian and European commodity trade fair is over, China - expo secretariat, began in the fifth China - expo has carried on the comprehensive planning.

November 26, the xinjiang international exhibition bureau party member and deputy director of the NiRuChi in an interview with our reporter said that the specification, the exhibition forum guests, exhibition scale, exhibition area and exhibition theme of building "new version" of the expo.

Recently for a period of time, by the relevant person in charge of China - expo secretariat, headed into multiple sets of eight side attack, or grass-roots level research, or go to inland provinces to carry out for inviting businesses and exhibitors, or visits abroad related institutions in China, or meet with the national business association, its purpose is very clear, that is already built the upgrade of the 4th China - on the basis of the expo, create a new version of the fifth China - expo.

Considering the state set up at the venue

For preparing the fifth China - expo, the xinjiang international exhibition bureau, party secretary, led by China - expo secretariat by director Li Jingyuan research relevant personnel in shihezi city, shihezi city, listen to the views of both government and business advice, and relevant enterprises.

Li Jingyuan a line said, shihezi city can play the unique geographical advantage, transportation advantages, trade logistics advantage and cross-border e-commerce advantages, further increase investment in infrastructure, forming a solid content support the import of goods distribution center, to all aspects of the conditions are ripe, can consider to set up the venue or points in shihezi city BBS; For xinjiang international exhibition center phase ii in 2016 (the first phase of the exhibition area of 60000 square meters, while the second phase of 80000 square meters) after put into use, will be appropriately increased exhibition area of state-level development zones and key enterprises, e-commerce and logistics will be listed as the fifth China - expo exhibition theme is an important content of, and consider setting up feature node cities specialized exhibition area and characteristic industry; "Internet +" in the current context, will China - expo in-depth discussions with the electronic commerce to fully mix, two through the online platform for enterprise services.


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