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The fourth session of the 2016 Sanmenxia Expo (Thebaud will feature)

AUTHOR:Letter Exhibition PUBLISHED:2015-10-17 CLICK:正在读取


The third China Golden Triangle the Yellow River regional characteristic Commodity Fair will be held in International Convention and Exhibition Center in Sanmenxia in November 2016 12 - 08. According to the overall arrangements and requirements of the Organizing Committee of the exhibition, the Sanmenxia International Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor and the two floor of the central six provinces and 20000 square meters of domestic and international characteristics of goods, the focus highlights the theme of trade characteristics.
One, the organizer:
Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China
State Administration of Taxation
Administration of industry and Commerce
Radio, film and television
National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China
China International Trade Promotion Association
National Federation of industry and Commerce
China Federation of industry and industry and the Sanmenxia Municipal People's Government
Two, the cooperation unit:
Henan promise Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou China Exhibition Co., Ltd.
展会信息网 承办。
Exhibition information network.
Three, holding time:
Exhibition time: November 6, 2016 -11 month 07 days
Exhibition time: November 8, 2016 -11 month 12
Show time: November 12, 2016 afternoon
Four, venue: Sanmenxia Cultural City International Exhibition center.
Five, exhibits range:
1, the six provinces of central China ten category (Acura products and royal goods, tribute, collections, refreshment, treasures, fine, wonderful, top grade);
2, product (fruits and vegetables, meat dish, fresh and dry, grain and oil products, sugar, tea, spices and so on);
3, cultural products (folk craft, tourism products, national products, art works, office supplies, holiday supplies, high-end gifts, etc.);
4, creative daily necessities (clothing accessories, household goods, home improvement products, small commodities, etc.) at home and abroad other products.
Six, procurement settings:
This exhibition will be invited to the national large and large retailers purchase negotiations, the central six provinces and commercial procurement negotiations, the country's thousand villages and towns system procurement negotiations, procurement system for e-commerce procurement negotiations, the national college students venture project negotiations, on-site product agents to negotiate and retail. Is expected to show the professional business over the purchase of enterprises will reach 300, 5000 thousand rural village procurement system, professional buyers 1000-2000 people, visiting the audience 200000 people. Commerce Department supported by the Chinese business association and the Henan Provincial People's Government hosted the characteristics of Commodity Fair has been settled in Sanmenxia, Sanmenxia city government is also focused on building the first characteristic products trading base, for the six provinces of the characteristics of the product's trade and logistics, have a very good role in promoting this area will also do a good job for exhibitors docking.
Seven, charges:
1, standard booth: every 9 square meters standard booth (3 x 3) 4000 yuan. Standard configuration: standard booth set up, Chinese lintel board, one desk and two chairs, one 220V/3A power socket. Double opening booth each additional 500 yuan.
2, special equipment: 400 yuan / square meter (36 square meters). Special equipment only provides open space, booth design and construction, sanitation and clean, etc., please exhibitors and the Organizing Committee designated with special qualification to build business contact.
Eight, registration form:
Exhibitors are required to fill in the registration form (see attached table) by electronic mail ( or fax to the organizing committee, and telephone confirmation; the organizing committee will arrange the booth in accordance with the order of payment, and sign the relevant procedures before the launch.


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