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Twenty-first the 2015 session of the Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair (Zheng Jiaohui)

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After the brief introduction


As one of the eight ancient capitals, known as the Zhengzhou, thousands of years in the field of business and the broad content, leading many of the mainstream of the economic development of the market.


Here has always been the national commodity trading center. In recent years, with the improvement of traffic construction and transport capacity, the modern market power has been widely recognized by the industry. Surrounding areas of the 200000000 consumer population, 50 years of sales of more than 100 million large trading market, the 100000 agent wholesalers network, superior central location, convenient highway, railway, air transport, Zhengzhou has become a huge consumption and distribution base.

郑州全国商品交易会,是商务部及国家贸促会重点支持的全国性综合展会活动,自1995年以来已成功举办了19届。除了商务部的支持,郑交会还得到了省、市领导和有关部门的高度重视,政府推动和市场化运作力度逐步的加大,促使郑交会更加的专业化、品牌化,并走向国际化。从2005年,郑交会将主题命名为消费品博览会,赋予了鲜明的专业展会特色, 8万平方米的展览面积,30万观众,使郑交会跨入新的历史时期!

Zhengzhou national commodity trading, is the Ministry of Commerce and the National Council for the promotion of international trade, will support key national comprehensive exhibition activities, since 1995 has been successfully held 19 sessions. In addition to support the Ministry of Commerce, Zheng trade fair also received a high degree of attention to the provincial and municipal leaders and the relevant departments, the government to promote and market operations gradually increased, prompting the intersection of more professional, brand, and to international. From 2005, the theme of the Expo will be named as consumer goods fair, given a distinctive professional exhibition features, 80000 square meters of exhibition area, 300000 audience, so that Zheng intersection into a new historical period!


By 2015 the 21st session of the Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair and Consumer Goods Fair will still in Zhengzhou city sign building Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Grand scenes, complete facilities, will be a new image of the transaction. The current Zheng rendezvous in addition to invite outside of the province will also be invited to the ASEAN countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and the province of friendly cities and economic developed area city exhibition, show momentum grand, multiple participants, many of the elite participants, for the cooperation between different regions development provides a platform for more.


In line with the "open China wider to the outside world, cooperation and exchange, the prosperity of the market, promote consumption," the guiding ideology, "the government to promote, market operation, social participation, industry exhibition" as the organizing principle, "innovation for development" as the core concept. We believe that this exhibition will lead a landmark trade new situation.


10000000 Zhengzhou people sincerely invite businessmen from all walks of life to come, guide the transaction!


The Millennium providers are willing to cooperate with you, common business miracle!


This exhibition arrangement

支持单位: 中华人民共和国商务部

Support unit: Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China

主办单位: 河南省人民政府

Organizer: Henan Provincial People's Government

承办单位: 郑州市人民政府     河南省商务厅

Organizer: Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government of Henan Province

协办单位: 郑州国际会展有限责任公司

Co organizer: Zhengzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

布展时间: 2015年10月08日——10月09日

Exhibition time: October 8, 2015 -- October 9th

展会时间: 2015年10月10日——10月13日

Exhibition time: October 10, 2015 - October 13th

展会地点: 郑州国际会展中心

Venue: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center


We show the scale

室内展览面积:65,000平方米       室外展览面积:15,000平方米

Indoor exhibition area: 65000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area: 15000 square meters

国际标准展位拟达4,500个          参展企业数将达6,000多家

International standard booth to be up to 4500 exhibitors will reach more than 6000


Visitors: more than 40 people


This industry exhibition scope


The current trade fair in accordance with industry commodity category set up a special exhibition hall (area):


Furniture and accessories exhibition


The tea pavilion


The green decoration materials Products Exhibition


- pregnant baby products exhibition


The jewelry crafts exhibition


The root carving, ceramic, stone, calligraphy and painting exhibition


- fishing and outdoor supplies exhibition


The clothing and textile products exhibition


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