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Warm congratulations on the official website of the company's official website

AUTHOR:诺信会展 PUBLISHED:2015-07-29 CLICK:正在读取


In order to meet the needs of the development of the company, establish a new image of the company, satisfied customers through the network information about the company, Henan Nordson Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. official website after more than two months of preparations today formally launched operations.


Company website home page for the, the current site has been on the line, while simultaneously monitoring and data updates, please keep your attention.


Official website of the company is committed to reflect the attributes of modern service industry, the layout is simple and fresh, website structure is simple, website content rich and detailed, easy to customers efficiently and clearly understand that the company of the latest developments and enterprise culture, exhibition information and so on.


In order to better understand the customer's opinion, grasp the customer demand website dedicated online QQ, such as customer service phone direct communication channels, can listen to customers' opinions and understanding customer voice, strengthen the contact between the company and its customers and to establish good relationship with customers.


Finally, congratulations on the official website of the official website of the letter of the exhibition officially launched, thanks to the new and old customers for a long time to give support. Honesty, diligence, professional, love of the promise of the exhibition will be more efforts to provide you with better quality and better service.


Henan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.: letter of the letter of the exhibition official website。